Origins Game Fair 2019 June 12 - June 16, 2019 Origins 2019 will see the premiere two brand new modules entitled "E1 - Abyssal Swamp" and "E2 - Path of Death", and we are also be offering the prequel adventure "N3 - Vault of the All-Father". All three modules can be played in any order, but playing them in the N3, E1 and E2 order might be the best fun. View All Event Slots Learn More

CLICK HERE for a quick video teaser of our events at Origins in June!

Created in 2003, True Dungeon is a d20 variant that allows players to experience their D&D adventure within a life-size, walk-through dungeon environment.  We provide thrilling two-hour immersive adventures for thousands of gamers all across the country.  In 2018, we wowed gamers at:

  • Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH
  • Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN
  • Gamehole Con in Madison, WI
  • PAX South in San Antonio, TX

But the adventuring season starts at Origins Game Fair -- and we are excited to be premiering TWO brand new adventures there!

Not a LARP, True Dungeon instead focuses on problem solving, teamwork and tactics while providing exciting sets and interactive props. Players may find themselves creeping down a dark passageway and entering a long-forgotten crypt. After dispatching a lurking guardian, the players may have to solve a cryptic puzzle or find a secret door in order to gain a wondrous treasure chest.  This might be a chest that might hold a shocking surprise if opened without care. It takes two hours to explore the dungeon, and teams of ten players need only bring their imagination and quick wit. No prior D&D or gaming experience is needed. In fact, a party with an array of different experience levels usually does well. This is a perfect vehicle to let some non-D&D gamers experience the fun and thrills of dungeoneering.


Below are the various adventures and events we will be presenting at Origins Game Fair 2019. To see a compact listing of all events and times please CLICK HERE.

E1 - Abyssal Swamp

Groups of ten adventurers must travel through a dark swamp in search of the Temple of Blackthorn -- an ancient apocalyptic death cult. The immersive puzzles and amazing monsters encountered within can only be bested with good teamwork and nerves of steel.

E2 - Path of Death

Ten fearless adventurers must cautiously venture into a long-abandoned jungle temple to find a magical gate which grants transport to the Infernal Pit. Only by working together shall they triumph over the perplexing puzzles and menacing monsters that await.

N3 - Vault of the All-Father

A party of ten players must explore a corrupted temple of Odin to give chase to an evil mind slayer who is bent on a vile scheme. Adventurers must work as a team to overcome the challenging puzzles and horrific monsters within.

True Raid - The AveryGorgon

Two groups of ten players must face the fiercest foe ever to appear in TD history!

Into The Shadowlands II

This is a special adventure for elite members of our Patron group. Due to their tremendous support of the event through generous Treasure Token purchases, we have constructed this adventure that will be DM'ed by Jeff Martin. No XP will be given, but full 2019 Treasure is awarded -- plus a little something extra.

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