Frequently Asked Questions

updated 11/11/2020

Ticket Purchase Info

  • Q. How do I buy tickets?  A. Please click on THIS LINK to read some helpful information.
  • Q. What time zone are the ticket times in?  A. Central Time Zone. For international players, that's UTC-06:00. Starting on the second Sunday in March and ending the first Sunday in November, Central Daylight Time is UTC-05:00.
  • Q. How did you come up with a $66 ticket price?  A. We took our lowest ticket price of $58, and then added in $8 for USPS Priority mailing. Please remember that you don't have to buy a $100 badge nor a $200 per night hotel room to play a VTD event. If you have problems with your shipment, please contact so she can get it sorted out for you!
  • Q. Do I have to do one transaction for EACH adventure?  A. Yes. One transaction is needed for each adventure, even for A and B versions of the same dungeon.
  • Q. I bought all ten tickets for my group, but I don't want you to send me all the swag. Can you send each person's swag to them after the event?  A. Yes, we are happy to accommodate that request. If you want to do this, you must have all the players make accounts--and then you must transfer their ticket to their account. We send the swag to each account's mailing address.
  • Q. Do I get some extra swag because I am leaving all the tickets I bought in my account--instead of transferring them to the other players? This means all the swag gets sent to my address, and that will save TD some mailing costs. A. Yes. We include an extra 10-pack of random Treasure Tokens for each extra ticket's swag sent to a single address. For example, let's say you bought 1 ticket for yourself and 4 tickets for your friends, and you do not transfer any of those 4 tickets to anyone else's account. When we ship all the swag for those 5 tickets to your address, we include 5 of the normal Treasure Token 10-packs that come with the 5 tickets, but we also include 4 additional Treasure Token packs--one for each additional swag bag sent to that address.
  • Q. If we are having swag/treasure for more than a single ticket in a run mailed to us, will it be divided up for each of those tickets, or will it be combined such that you can't sort out which tokens a player earned?  A. We put each person's swag in a ziplock bag with their name on it, IF you have two different names going to one address. For example, if Bob Adventurer has all 10 tickets in his account for two different runs, Bob Adventurer receives a box with the swag in one big Scrooge McDuck pile. But, if Bob Adventurer has 5 tickets for 2 runs in his account and Betty Adventurer has 5 tickets for 2 runs in her account, but Bob and Betty have the SAME ADDRESS, when we ship the order there would be one bag for Bob and another bag for Betty.
  • Q. Can we use Rod of 7 Parts sub-classes in VTD?  A. Yes.

Zoom Info

  • Q. How do I get the Zoom link for my run?  A. Zoom links will be posted with your ticket.  Log into your account at and check the ticket for the Zoom link.  The links are posted at least 4 hours before your scheduled run time.
  • Q. Do I have to have a Zoom account to play Virtual True Dungeon?  A. We have found that it is BEST if you have a Zoom account (a free one is fine) as having an account enables video features that make the VTD experience much more enjoyable.  We HIGHLY SUGGEST that you sign into an account instead of using the web client.
  • Q. It says this on for the free version: "40 mins limit on group meetings" Isn't that a problem with a 2 hour VTD adventure?  A.  Fortunately, no.  Only the person setting up the meeting (TD) needs to have the paid version.  When this happens all the folks playing on the free version don't have a time limit.
  • Q. How do I use Zoom to play Virtual True Dungeon?  A. When you log into Zoom, depending on your device your view will vary.  Some will see icons on the bottom, some on the top, etc.  The host of the meeting has the ability to mute all sound from participants and/or stop your video.  When the intro video starts, the host will mute all participants to make it easier for everyone to hear the into video.
  • Q. Are there tips to help enhance the Virtual True Dungeon Zoom experience?  A. Once the video intro is done, the players will be moved from the Coaching area into the Training Room.  Everyone can keep their video feed on while in the Coaching area so that you can interact with your fellow party members.  However, once you are in the Training Room, the DM will ask everyone to stop their video feed.  At this point, you should click on one of the icons for the participants and most will see three dots.  Click (or hover, depending on device) and you will have an option to "Hide non-video participants".  We suggest doing this so that you have less "clutter" on your view of the adventure and will be able to see the DM and Golem screens easier.
  • Q. What view mode should I be in for Virtual True Dungeon?  A. You have Speaker View or Gallery View as your options.  Personal preference will dictate what you use.  Most of us prefer Gallery View so that both of the windows (DM and Golem) in the same screen.  If you are using a small device, such as a mobile phone or small tablet, you may prefer Speaker View.  There will be times when the DM will "Spotlight" a video, which means THAT video feed will be the primary focus that you see in your screen.  You cannot change the view when the Host has started a "Spotlight".  If you need to communicate with the DM, you can unmute your mic and ask a question OR use the CHAT function to send a specific member or the entire group a question.  It is best to NOT use chat to speak to the DM as they may not see it.

Virtual TD Info

  • Q. What is Virtual True Dungeon?  A. Virtual True Dungeon (VTD) is a way for TD players to experience the thrill and camaraderie of playing an in-person adventure from the comfort and safety of their home.
  • Q. Will this be the way TD is played from now on?  A. Hopefully not forever, but until medical scientists agree that it's safe for people to gather in large groups, we hope you will enjoy your VTD experience.
  • Q. How is VTD different from regular in-person TD?  A. Instead of you and your party physically moving through each room of our adventure, your party controls a "golem" who moves through the adventure as your party's proxy.  You can attack and cast magic through the golem, but the binding magic is a two-way street  You will take damage if the golem takes damage.
  • Q. Is VTD just a bunch of video clips strung together?  A. No. Your golem is physically IN the adventure and responds to your commands. There may be brief pre-recorded clips within the adventure to cover exposition, but all of your decisions are carried out for you in real time by your party's golem.
  • Q. Does each player get their own golem proxy?  A. A single golem carries out the commands for your whole party. We recommend designating a speaker for your party so the golem doesn’t get conflicting commands.  If things get too confusing, the DM will assign a new player to be the caller for the golem, and your party can decide what the caller tells the golem to do.
  • Q. What do I need to play VTD? Do I need VR glasses or a high-powered computer?  A. VTD is not that kind of virtual experience. To play VTD you’ll need:
    • Computer or mobile device (a computer with a monitor is recommended)
    • Microphone
    • Broadband internet connection
    • Polyhedral dice (at least a d10 and a d20)

The following are not necessarily required, but are highly recommended:

  1. Web-cam (under some circumstances, a web-cam is required, more on that later)
  2. Headset (VERY HIGHLY recommended to prevent your audio from causing echoes or feedback)

App Info

  • Q. How is combat handled?  A. Via a free app available for IOS and Android. It factors in all your combat bonuses to attacks and damage (including Critical hits). The DM tells you the monster’s AC. If you hit that AC, when it’s your turn, tell the DM you either missed, or you hit and how much damage you did as indicated on the app. You do not need to tell the DM the result of each of your rolls, just hit/miss and damage, if applicable. As always, the DM rolls a d20 to determine whether or not the monster hit your character.
  • Q. When will the app be available?  A. It's available now.
  • Q. Can I prepare my character ahead of time?  A. Yes! In fact, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have your character equipped before the event starts. Please use the app referenced above.
  • Q. Is there a mechanism to select, and work out in advance which classes are going to be played? Many tokens are class specific and it would be great to have that worked out in advance.  A. Yes. You can select your character class as soon as you purchase your ticket. Once you have your class claimed, you can use the app to equip your character.
  • Q. Are there pre-made characters in the app? A. Yes.  Each class has a character pre-loaded that players can use for their character. Each class comes equipped with a nice colllection of virtual tokens.  These tokens can also be changed or augmented by physical tokens you own.
  • Q. Do we have to equip our characters using just the virtual tokens?  A. No. You may use tokens you already own, virtual tokens already equipped to the pre-generated characters, or any combination of the two. However, if you use your own tokens, you’ll be required to show them to your coach during the coaching phase, so please have them neatly laid out and ready. Note: If you choose to use your own tokens, you must have a web cam for the token verification process.  Once your character is created, be sure to learn how to use the app quickly.  This will save time during combats when an extra round of combat can be important.
  • Q. Can I play VTD if I don’t have tokens of my own?  A. Yes. The app has pre-generated characters already equipped with Treasure Tokens.
  • Q. Will the app correctly adjust damage if I roll a Critical Hit?  A. Yes. See below for specific notes.
    • 1. Extended Crit Ranges are built in for weapons
    • 2. Extended Crit Ranges are built in for the Monk Neck items. So weapons without extended crit ranges can crit on 19 or 20 if the monk is wearing Necklace of the Spirit Drake or Benrow’s Elder Drake Necklace.
    • 3. Extended Crit Ranges are built in for 5th level Druids
    • 4. Extended Crit Ranges are also built in for the Rogue necklaces, which crit on sneak attacks.
    • 6. For Dwarf Fighters, when a 20 is rolled, the crit damage is automatically 3x rather than 2x.  For crits other than 20, the crit damage is the normal 2x.
  • Q.  How do tokens with special effects on certain natural rolls work? E.g., Ring of Stunning Fist?  A. Players can use the "raw die roll" result that's displayed in the app to determine if an effect happens. For the Ring of the Stunning First, if the attack roll is a natural 19 or 20, the player needs to inform the DM of the Stun effect.


  • Q. Will there be skill tests?  A. Yes! During the training phase of your adventure, you’ll be given access to a special skill test for your character. Casters all get a memory test and the rogue gets a physical test. If you selected Rogue, the Rogue skills test will be emailed to you on THURSDAY of the event week.  If you do not select Rogue in your account, email so that she can send it to you.
  • Q.   Will there be a mechanism to select, and work out classes, between the PUG, before the run? Many tokens are class specific and it would be great to have that worked out in advance.  A. Yes. There is an online mechanism to claim your class.  We are working on a way for you to opt in and allow folks to see your email address.
  • Q. Can I use Treasure Enhancers?  A. Yes. You must show them to your Coach via webcam to use.
  • Q. Is the XP the same as at an in-person event, with Hardcore/Nightmare/Epic getting the high XP?  A. Everything is the same with regard to how XP, treasure and Participation tokens work. If you were to play all five virtual adventures you would be able to add five amounts of XP to your account.
  • Q. How will we get our post-game goodies?  A. All random treasure pulls (including tokens earned by successful & greedy rogues), completion tokens, survivor badges (if applicable), and other items get mailed to you after your event.  If you have problems with your shipment, please email so that she can look into it for you!
  • Q. Can I arrive to my event early?  A. Yes. Similar to standard TD, we highly recommend arriving (logging in) at least 20 minutes early. For VTD, you should use this time to do audio & video checks, meet your fellow players, and discuss class and token options.  The Innkeepers are working very hard to open the meeting as soon as possible, so if you get the message that your meeting will open soon, hold tight and wait for the Innkeeper to get you in there.
  • Q. Can I lend tokens to my teammates?  A. Yes. If you are going on the adventure with them, you may lend tokens to other players. Show the tokens to your coach at the beginning.
  • Q. Can I use consumable (potion, scroll, etc.) tokens?  A. Yes. Since you cannot turn them in to the DM, you can either dispose of the token(s) or you can place the token(s) in a special envelope labeled “Jeff made me give this to you”. You have to bring the envelop to your next live TD event and then you have to give it to a new player.
  • Q. Do monk & ranger classes roll twice if dual-wielding?  A. Yes.
  • Q. Do we have to factor in bardsong / buffs ourselves when figuring out the to-hit and damage to report to the DM?  A: Yes. The DM asks the Bard first, and there is a place to enter that fact into your app. It gives you the bonus for that.
  • Q. Can we use real consumables or just the provided virtual ones?  A. Either are fine.
  • Q. Does someone in the party need a D20 handy to roll for initiative?  A. YES.
  • Q. Will the DM need to ask us for our AC, free movement, etc. when we are attacked, or will there be a limited party card created during coaching with some of that info?  A: The DM will ask for your Melee and Ranged AC at the start.
  • Q. Does the no-notetaking rule still apply?  No Googling puzzles?  A. If you feel the need to cheat to win, that's on you. There's really nothing we can do to stop you.
  • Q. Is "ghosting" allowed in VTD events?  A. At this time we will allow normal ghosting, but we reserve the right to change this policy for future adventures depending on demand of tickets.  See page 55 of the PHB for exact ghosting rules.
  • Q. How is the 5th level Rogue's Power "Flank" by handled in VTD?  A. Once per combat, instead of attacking during a combat round, rogues may declare they are Flanking. The Rogue then names one of the other characters, and that person gets to make three attack rolls--taking the best of the three as their one roll result. The naming of the character must be done before that character has taken an action that round.
  • Q. Is Epic difficulty available?  A. Yes.
  • Q. How does the rogue skill tests work? Does it interact with Masterwork Thieves' Tools and Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool?  A. PDFs of a pattern to trace gets sent to Rogue players (who selected Rogue in on Thursday of the event week. It can also be sent during coaching in case the email got blocked by an anti-spam filter. This PDF must be printed out before entering the adventure proper. To complete the skill check, the player must trace the track with a pen. If successful, the player tells the DM they succeeded and the Rogue can choose to get a puzzle clue or a treasure token--or both of the player has a Libram of Looting.
    • 1. Masterwork Thieves’ Tools - Just like in TD, once per game, if the player messes up they can try again with another print out.
    • 2. Ektdar’s Tinkering Tool - There is an mid-way indicator on the print-out to tell you where to begin.