N1 - Astral Journey to the Bliss tasks players with traveling across the Astral Plane to find the entrance to the good-aligned plane called the Bliss. Adventurers will meet amazing NPCs, fearsome monsters and perplexing puzzles. This adventure (and the entire N-series) marks a new era in True Dungeon history. Starting with the N1 module, all future True Dungeon adventures will be presented with a larger event footprint than ever before. The quality of the sets, props, costumes and animatronics are at the level that was previously achieved with the "Dancing Among Stones" adventure presented at Gen Con 2017. The non-themed "holding areas" between rooms have been replaced with well-themed spaces designed to immerse players in the adventure while they await entry into the next room. Players get a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value), at least 3 random draws from our Treasure Generators, and a collectible limited-edition participation token. The ticket price for this two-hour adventure at PAX South will be $58. Copy and paste this URL for a cool teaser video: https://youtu.be/-M2oVU3xGtw