• Length: 2 hrs
  • Total tickets: 10
  • Available tickets: 0
  • Purchased tickets: 10
  • All selected characters: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Elf Wizard, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue

Notes From Ticket Holders Of This Slot

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Alan Patrick (public to the world)

My group is:
- Me: Wizard (has CoA, CoAS, Harlax, full TE, legendary necklace)
- My Partner: Fighter (has CoA, Harlax, skull + 6 teeth, full TE, legendary necklace)
- Our Friend: Rogue (has CoA, Harlax, full TE, legendary necklace)

We'll have some loaner equipment, including charm bracelets and some other toys. Nothing too huge, but helpful for sure.

The wizard and fighter can do Nightmare, but the rogue would need some additional loaners I think. Otherwise, Normal/Hardcore is just fine with preference for HC :)

Christopher Smith (public to the world)

Paly HC is fine by me. I have a CoA and a CoAS and Harlax. The fighter coming with has a CoAS and is fine for HC

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Now is your chance to experience an incredible at-home virtual D&D adventure complete with virtual dice rolling, equip-able virtual gear, live camera feeds of amazing sets and a friendly DM.  After the event, we will ship you awesome swag such as a Survivor Button, Treasure Token pack, Treasure and Participation tokens, and you will even get an XP code to give yourself some Experience Points to earn cool stuff.  If you play in all VTD events in 2023, you can transmute all the gained Participation tokens into the limited-edition Relic-level token "Orb of Annihilation".

Your game is presented through an amazing interface that features live-camera feeds, recorded cut scenes, skill tests and animated clues.  It's like you and your friends are there, but instead playing safely from the comfort of your home.  Players can equip and manage their character using the free website, which rolls attacks, damage and saving throws, while keeping track of hit points as well as used spells and powers.