This adventure will be played on NORMAL difficulty level only! Virtual True Dungeon is a group-based escape/adventure game played over Zoom through an amazing interactive interface. This adventure is the first part of a great multi-part story arc where you venture to the far-off desert land of Chaldea to stop a great evil from returning.

CLICK HERE for a teaser trailer about this exciting event!

Now is your chance to experience an incredible at-home virtual D&D adventure complete with virtual dice rolling, equip-able virtual gear, live camera feeds of amazing sets and a friendly DM.  After the event, we will ship you awesome swag such as a Survivor Button, Treasure Token pack, Treasure and Participation tokens, and you will even get an XP code to give yourself some Experience Points to earn cool stuff.  If you play in all VTD events in 2024, you can transmute all the gained Participation tokens into the limited-edition Relic-level token "Ring of Psychic Mastery".