• Length: 2 hrs
  • Total tickets: 10
  • Available tickets: 0
  • Purchased tickets: 10
  • All selected characters: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Dwarf Fighter, Elf Wizard, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard

Notes From Ticket Holders Of This Slot

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Bradford Chatterjee (public to the world)

Forum thread: https://truedungeon.com/forum?view=topic&catid=719&id=256574



Can you help your new friend Pudnort return back to his home in the Infernal Hecks?  A tongue-in-cheek adventure awaits that will have you jumping through portals to other worlds while looking for Pudnort's home.

Our final special VTD Patron adventure "Pudnort's Peril" will take place on Friday, Sept. 15th, 2023.  To thank our Patrons for their amazing support, only Patrons (or folks they give their ticket access code to) are eligible to play.  All $8K Patron buyers will receive a special code which will allow them access to the tickets for this event.  No XP is available for this event, but there will be some cool swag.  All players will receive a flat 30 random Treasure pulls, so no treasure-enchancing tokens need be equipped.