Virtual True Dungeon #6c November 13 - November 14, 2021 Adventure awaits with the Bogwood Beast - the sequel to the V1-V5 series! View All Event Slots Learn More

If you yearn for an immersive adventure filled with puzzles, NPCs and vile monsters then Virtual True Dungeon is for you!  This virtual experience is much like an in-person puzzle escape room but enhanced with equip-able gear and simulated combat.  We ship you the awesome swag such as treasure and participation tokens, and you will even get an XP code to record.  

Your game is presented through an amazing interface that features live-camera feeds, recorded cut scenes, skill tests and animated clues.  It's like you and your friends are there, but instead playing safely from the comfort of your home.  Players can equip and manage their character using the free app, which rolls attacks, damage and saving throws, while keeping track of hit points as well as used spells and powers.

This adventure is the sequel to the V1-V5 series.  Your party must travel along a dangerous forested trail through the Bogwood to seek the wisdom of the Oracle of Muti.  This trek is made evermore treacherous by the legendary Bogwood Beast -- an abomination that is said to be always seeking to feed its endless hunger.

UPDATE Nov.1st, 2022:  Due to some of these tokens making it into circulation, we are going to give each ticket two ADDITIONAL Participation tokens not shown below on the scroll graphic.  Each ticket will receive one Crown of the Crude and a Belt of Application along with the tokens shown below on the scroll.  Both of these tokens will be yours if you play any level of difficulty.


Below are the various adventures and events we will be presenting at Virtual True Dungeon #6c. To see a compact listing of all events and times please CLICK HERE.

V6c - The Bogwood Beast

Adventure awaits with the Bogwood Beast - the sequel to the V1-V5 series!

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