• Length: 2 hrs
  • Total tickets: 10
  • Available tickets: 3
  • Purchased tickets: 7
  • All selected characters: Bard, Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Elf Wizard, Fighter, Monk, Ranger

Notes From Ticket Holders Of This Slot

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John Ohlinger (public to the world)

Kodi Bard--NM Equipped and preferred, CoA, CoAS, Harlax's Helpful Lamp, Tankard of Celebration,
Caleb Cleric--NM Equipped and preferred, CoA, CoAS, Harlax's Helpful Lamp, Tankard of Celebration
John Ranger--NM Equipped and preferred, CoA, CoAS, Harlax's Helpful Lamp, Tankard of Celebration
Have available to use, Fighter's Viv's, Barbarian's Bog's, Monk's Benrow's, Rogue Raphiel's, +2 Assassin's Crossbow and Rogue Toys, Paladin Ava's +5 Holy Avenger. TE's to loan include 1-Ring of Riches, 1-Charm of Good Fortune, 1-Amulet of Treasure Finding, 4 Sets of Nuggets

PM star1star2 on the forums with your email for a list of what is available to borrow.

Now is your chance to experience an incredible at-home virtual D&D adventure complete with virtual dice rolling, equip-able virtual gear, live camera feeds of amazing sets and a friendly DM.  After the event, we will ship you awesome swag such as a Survivor Button, Treasure Token pack, Treasure and Participation tokens, and you will even get an XP code to give yourself some Experience Points to earn cool stuff.

We are excited to announce a big improvement to the second presentation of our pirate-themed virtual TD story-arc -- which starts in August.  Not only are we augmenting some rooms in each adventure, but we are also improving the overall story-arc by shifting the order of the adventures.We are moving the original 3rd adventure (V9b - Isle of Bone) to the end of the arc.  This makes for a different and better overall story goal -- which will be lots of fun.  We have altered the individual adventures quite a bit to accommodate this story-arc change -- as well as improve specific rooms.For instance, for the upcoming V7b adventure, we have changed two puzzle rooms and altered a combat to improve the event and introduce the new story-arc.

Your game is presented through an amazing interface that features live-camera feeds, recorded cut scenes, skill tests and animated clues.  It's like you and your friends are there, but instead playing safely from the comfort of your home.  Players can equip and manage their character using the free website, which rolls attacks, damage and saving throws, while keeping track of hit points as well as used spells and powers.

This adventure is the second part of an amazing five-part series of adventures that tell the story of your groups run-in with the dread pirate Barb Beard.  He is an otherworldly buccaneer who ravages the Windy Coast with raids on peaceful towns, and your group must find a way to track him down and then put an end to his evil.