This is the first module in the 2018-2019 adventuring season, and it is presented with "enhanced" levels of immersion that make this adventure extra fun. You must travel across the Astral Plane to find a villain!

This is history in the making!  This is the first presentation of any of our new "enhanced" adventures that feature bigger and more immersive sets, better quality lighting and sound effects, enhanced costumes and animatronics, as well as more NPCs!  This is the first module in the 3-part N-Series of modules.  You can play the next two at Gen Con in August or at Origins next June.  Two other adventures ("The Moongate Maze" and "Dancing Among Stones") are also offered as prequels to this adventure. For maximum fun, play all three! This year marks the third year of an epic four-year story arc in which the party must stop a Mind Slayer from hatching a scheme to collect all the Teeth of Cavadar. Players get a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value) & a collectible limited-edition token.