Part 2 of 2. Located in the Patrick Rothfuss book setting of Newarre, you must gain the favor of a dashing rogue in a sleepy village to learn how some ancient Standing Stones may return you home.

We are excited to be working with best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss to present our 2017 adventures inside his Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy setting. In this 2nd part of this year's two-part adventure, players will adventure in a sleepy village (Newarre) with the help of a certain dashing, dark-haired stranger. Players must work together while facing puzzles and frightening creatures. This event is more oriented toward combat rather than puzzles, so there are more combat rooms than puzzle rooms. A 2nd adventure (set inside the Fae) "The Moongate Maze" is also offered as a prequel to this adventure. For maximum fun, play both! This year marks the second year of an epic four-year story arc in which the party must stop a Mind Slayer from hatching a scheme to collect all the Teeth of Cavadar. Players get a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value) & a collectible limited-edition token.  View a preview video with Patrick Rothfuss HERE.