Part 1 of 2. Located in the Patrick Rothfuss book setting of the Fae, you must locate a planar gate in a faerie maze that is filled with perplexing puzzles as well as creatures from Patrick's world.

We are excited to be working with best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss to present our 2017 adventures inside his Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy setting. In this 1st part of this year's two-part adventure, players will enter a faerie-themed hedge maze within the Fae in order to find a planar gate. Players must work together while facing team-oriented challenges and fearsome monsters. This event is more oriented toward combat rather than puzzles - so there are more combat rooms. A 2nd adventure "Dancing Among Stones" (set inside Newarre) is also offered as a sequel to this adventure. For maximum fun, play both! This year marks the second year of an epic four-year story arc in which the party must stop a Mind Slayer from hatching a devious scheme to collect all the Teeth of Cavadar. Players get a free bag of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value) and a collectible limited-edition token.  View a preview video with Patrick Rothfuss HERE.